A multi-function Text to Speech software with natural, human-sounding voice
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FlameReader 4.4 is a program capable of reading aloud and translate any digital text.
By using the first tab of the interface, you can make the program "read", using your preferred reader (Microsoft SAM, by default) any text you type, or any .txt or .rtf file in any of your drives. You can also convert any text file to an .mp3 or .wav file, that you can use to listen to the written documents on your iPod or MP3 device. Or, you can use this program to help you in reading documents, if you´re visually impaired. You can even batch convert a group of text files to sound files.
Besides this features, FlameReader can also translate texts from English to French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and viceversa. As in every automatic translator, the resulting translation is always poor, and may not be used for something more important than get a very slight idea about what the text is about.
In the third tab, FlameReader gives us samples of voices that are included in the registered version: Paul and Crystal. They will replace Microsoft SAM if you want.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s easy-to-use


  • The translations are awful
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